Previous Artists

Sara Yerkes
Artifacts: tota pulcra es
October-November, 2014

Sara Woodburn & Sara Norquay
Elemental: Color Woodcuts
September-October, 2014

Jeremy Harper
Sacred Places
July-August, 2014

Anna Griffin
Prints and Beyond
June-July, 2014

Julie Young
Vishnu and Others
April-May, 2014

Peggy Ferris
All Atwitter
March-April, 2014

Dave Brain
California & China
January-February, 2014

Santi Visalli
Urban Scenes & Architecture
September – October, 2013

Thomas Van Stein

Wyllis Heaton

A Walk Through Urban America
September – October, 2013

Obie Bowman
Biomorphic Imagery
July – August, 2013

Rick Garcia and Paul Panossian
Recent Paintings
June – July, 2013

Tom Post
Recent Paintings
April – May, 2013

Leslie Lewis Singer
Relatives-Recent Paintings
March – April 2013

M. Helsenrott Hochauser
Form-Light-Shadow: Constructions
January – February 2013

Robert F. Adams
Dream Cycles-Landscape Drawings from Films
October – November 2012

Ginny Speirs & Garret Speirs
August – September 2012

Marc Normand Gelinas
East Coast West Coast: Architectural Watercolors
July – August 2012

Dorothy Churchill-Johnson
Instant Archaeology
April – May 2012

Bay Hallowell
Chakra Chimes: Recent Monoprints
March – April 2012

Patrick Turner
Quiet Light-Photography
January – February 2012

Lori Wolf Grillias
Reflective Emergence
October – November 2011

David Holt
New Perspectives
October – November 2011

Raphael Perea de la Cabada
Spaces Between Us/Espacios Que Tocamos
July – August 2011

Stephanie Fossek Fikri and Priscilla Fossek
Light and Line: Visions of Mediterranean Architecture
June – July 2011

Karin Aggeler
Zeitgeist: Abstract & Personal
May – June 2011

Bayard Hollins
A Restless Land
March – April 2011

Birgitte Aarestrup
Journey Through Europe: Enchanting Architecture
January – February 2011

Peggy Ferris
Color | Line | Form
October – December 2010

BB McIntyre
The Alchemy of Objects
July – August 2010

Judy Nienow
Museum-Worthy Architecture: Paintings by Judy Nienow
June – July 2010

Michéle Zuzalek
Global Chroma “An exploration of color in culture, environment, intimate & public space”
March – April 2010

Ginny Speirs
A Sliver of Life
October – November 2011

Kathleen Elsey

R. Anthony Askew
The Unique Print
October – November 2009

Fred Sweeney, Ed Lenvik, Peter Ehlen, Bill Mahan
An Exhibit of Watercolors
September – October 2009

Cass + Nance
Abstract Collages and Monotypes
July – August 2009

Charlene Pidgeon
Shelter: Mud Architecture of Mali
June 2009

Sylvia Abualy
Peru, People & Places
April – May, 2009

Roz Lord
Abstracts from Nature
January – February, 2009

Rick Garcia
A Collection of Works in Oil
August 2008

Louis A. Mazzetti, NWS
Watercolor Retrospective
May – June 2008

Judy Rys
Fibervision: Frame of Reference
March 2008

Gary Chafe
New Landscape Monotypes
October 2007

Karen Scott Browdy
Collage & Construction in Two & Three Dimensions
August 2007

Patricia Clarke, Ellen Chavez Kelley
November – December 2007

Herbert Defriez
Deities & Demons
May 2007

Kris Buck, Camille Renga Dellar
Two Santa Barbarians Paint Santa Barbara
April 2007

Santa Barbara Printmakers
A Small Image Show
March 2007

Roger Gary Balabanow
January 2007

Sara Norquay
A Presence in the Room
October 2006

Deborah Dal Zuffo
The Forest Floor – A Tapestry of Memories
August 2006

Deborah and Katherine Wroblewski
Roots Intertwined
April – May 2006

Paige Patterson Wilson
February 2006

Ruth Ellen Hoag
June – July 2005

Barry A. Berkus
Architectural Fantasies
Small Works on Paper
April – May 2005

Courteney Bollay
A Retrospective
February – March 2005

21 Artists in Series
Mindy Bailey, Elizabeth Bent, Nance Cole, Pamela Enticknap, Peggy Fletcher, Sally Hamilton, Donna Moser, Ada Babine, BJ Stapen, Maggie Wickenden, Hideko Malis, and more…
October – November 2004

Turner Mark-Jacobs
New Works
June – July 2004

Jerilynne Nibbe
Part of exhibit by Santa Barbara Art Association
February – March 2004

Lucy Brown
June – August 2003

Henry Lenny
February – March 2003

Virginia McCracken
Works On Paper
June – July 2002

Bonnie Baas, Hedy Price Paley
Spirit: An Exhibit of Monoprints
February – March 2002

Megan Kitchen
Invisible Pathways
October – November 2001

Matthew Davis
Part of a juried exhibition by AFSB
April 2001

21 Artists
Mary J. Arias, Barbara Cadario, Nance Cole, Lynn Conrad, Darlene Hansen, Wendy Pond, and more…
February – March 2001

Margaret Perutz
Part of exhibit by Santa Barbara Printmakers
October – November 2000

Sylvia Abualy
June – July 2000

Hugh Margerum
Paintings & Monotypes
April – May 2000

Lorinda Bridge, James R. Dow
Oil Ocean Scenes & Watercolor Island Scenes
February – March 2000

The Santa Barbara Art Association
Artists’ Postcards – A Collection of Work by 50 Local Artists
February – March, 1999

Nance Cole & Michele Zuzalek

SBAA Postcard Show

Architectural Gems of Santa Barbara

Wayne Hoffman

Ron Robertson

Santa Barbara Photo Show (Cass Ensberg organizer)

Jeffrey Sipress