Educational Programs

Physical structures both reflect and affect who we are as individuals and communities. The Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara has several programs that help young people experience some of Santa Barbara’s finest designs and gain a better appreciation for the inspiration that our built environment offers our everyday lives. AFSB works to help teach design excellence and nurture our future designers through several educational programs, including:

Kids Draw Architecture

The award-winning Kids Draw Architecture program was developed by the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara to enrich our community’s awareness of the built environment. Young people are encouraged to sketch our architectural landmarks, guided by local architects and artists. The artwork is included in a calendar and art exhibit each year.

Built Environment Education Program (BEEP)

BEEP brings architectural education into elementary schools, introducing students  to concepts of shelter, scale, and the design process. At the end of the five-week program, students build an architectural model of an imagined environment.

High School Design Competition

Santa Barbara County high school students design a space or building according to a set of requirements during a day-long design charrette. Design and drafting experience is not required. Architects guide the students and select 12 finalists from the approximately 50 to 60 participants. Final prizes and certificates are awarded.


The Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara awards scholarships of $500 to $2,500 to support students who meet a set of criteria. The Lutah Maria Riggs Scholarship is given to architecture students, with special consideration for women, at the undergraduate or graduate level.